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Yes, Sarah is ‘DEAF’ culturally and at heart

Along with my friend Babu, I met Sarah for the first time for the purpose of discussing Spiritual Intelligence. I remember she spent almost a week with some 6 Deaf friends. She was just wonderful!  I did not expect to get so much information on spirituality and Deaf Culture.

saikiranMy life took a full turn. Am surprised that a hearing person touched the life of a deaf, so fast and so deeply! My best friend Babu was also deeply affected. With this change, he was later able to help 80 other Deaf to effect similar and positive changes in their way of life.

Yes, Sarah continues to help many Deaf come out of their suffering due to lack of education, inability to communicate freely and ignorance of the knowledge of Deaf Culture. I think Sarah is a great teacher.

She has a busy schedule. I know it. But I love the way she makes times to address the little issues we Deaf face and struggle with sometimes.  She is really very beautiful as she does it all! For me, she is one of the most supportive and loving ‘Deaf’ individuals I have ever met. Yes, Sarah is ‘DEAF’ culturally and at heart.

Arige Sai Kiran

Hometown: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, india
Qualification: Diploma in electronic communication engineering
Profession: Executive engineer for rail metro projects in geographic information system.


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