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Sarah is actually a mother to me

My name is Akshay Agarwal. I live in Kolkata, one of the biggest cities in india. I work at myfamily business. I would like to give u some lines about Sarah Giri.

Sarah giri is a very good and close friend of mine. She is actually a mother to me. I find in her a very bright, hardworking and active woman. I believe she has dedicated her life for the deaf. She is one person I have found who easily understands the sorrows and struggles of a deaf person living in a predominantly hearing world

What’s my wish? I wish to have thousands of Sarah..s in the  world. This way many deafies can improve their life … they can live more successful and more satisfying lives.

You cannot imagine how beautiful she is. She is very reliable and always available to help us the Deaf. Her core strength is in her spirituality, her love for GOD.

Akshay Agarwal

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