Early in the year 2005, I was back home in Nepal after an absence of some two decades. One of the first connections I wanted to establish was with my beloved Deaf But there was the usual language barrier. O yes, it exists in the Deaf World too.

Nepal Deaf use Nepali Deaf language and I was at home with ASL and ISL. So what to do? I went straight to the School for the Deaf, contacted Ramesh Shrestha, the first Nepali Deaf to have completed High School and now a respected teacher. Ramesh agreed to be my private tutor for Nepali Sign Language and after some initial grumbling at having to start from basics, I made the plunge and  there’s been no looking back.

Daily dance classes for the Deaf were organized in my back garden. Ramesh helped identify potential students while I, for the first time in my life, began looking at jazz, hip-hop and ballroom videos, learning steps and teaching them to Deaf enthusiasts. The start, like for almost everything else, was tough but in seven months, a group of 20 was ready with a string of nine performances.

But I  yearned for the professional finesse. I dreamt of someone from Bollywood and opportunity knocked! Manisha Koirala, Bollywood celebrity, was in town and I lost no time. Manisha dropped in for coffee on her way to the airport leaving a lead to her personal dance Guru and choreographer Sandip Soparrkar himself.  

In a short while, Sandip along with his dance partner, Jessy Randhwa were in Nepal. They accepted my invitation and spent a good three weeks with my Deaf Dance group, extending what was requested, the professional finish along with 5 new Ballroom dances.

Now, there’s a strong core of 10 Deaf Dancers and yes, they meet each week at home, in my inhouse studio and are currently preparing for Nepal’s first Deaf Ballroom Dance Without Music show. This will project Nepal Deaf gliding to music they do not hear and effortlessly mastering complex Latin American Dance steps.

What about Sandip Soparrkar? He is connected for life!! Sandip is now the official Dance Guru for my Deaf Dance group, dreaming of dancing our way to glowing horizons in days to come!  Do read what Sandip has to say in his own words ...

But Sandip could not stay on in Katmandu to train the Deaf. The ideal was to have trainers in Nepal and this ideal happened.

Read of the refreshing new windows that opened up in the lives of two high performing Hearing students who became the Sandip Soparrkar Trainers for the Deaf in Nepal.  Read of what they say  in their own words. First, Hearing Sachin Gurung, a final year MBBS student in the Katmandu Medical College. Next, Hearing Sagar Khadga,  a distinction student studying Management in National Campus, Katmandu. 

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