Year 2005 and in town at the Crowne Plaza Hotel was a fund raiser dinner cum fashion show aimed at increasing awareness of breast cancer, organized by the Namuna Institute of Fashion Designing and the Rotary Club.  I was keen to go but the question was with whom?

My association by choice, the Deaf! A whole band of beautiful Deaf ladies got ready for the evening out. For some it was their first time for an event like this one. For me too, through their eyes, it became a first time.

There were a couple of informative and important discourses with visuals delivered by respected medical practitioners in the field of breast cancer. All of those were interpreted for the glamorous Deaf ladies.  And yes, a few famous singers came and performed on stage and guess what!!

The ladies requested an interpreting of the songs as well ….

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About that programme.
That website about deaf journey was superb. I like to read that because that website looks like good encouragements for deafies to have or get good hope in future time... I like to wish you all the best for future time for encouraging deafies as well as other people...
Suvrojyoti Sur(Bunty) , December 30, 2008
Deaf, Udaipur Rajsthan
Hello, Please sir, deaf many friends
Best friend kind Good me
jassaram Chouhan , January 14, 2009
Hello, dear friend,

I'm deaf and live in Udaipur,Rajasthan. Where are you from? Please reply.
Chetan patel , May 02, 2011
holle ,,,,,
i.m dil the friendship this is deaf udaipur,,dabok yes then evee
devendar paliwal , August 22, 2011

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