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Red Carpet

The Celebrities

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The Celebrities
Gowroo Somanna
Winner of National Award in 1995 from President of India Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma and State Award in 2000 from her excellency governor smt. v.s. Rama devi
Bhairav and Mithila Pudasaini

About Deaf Bhairav and Mithila Pudasaini:
Home: Gokhatar, Kathmandu, Nepal
Admirable: Successfully married and brought up hearing three children. Daughter, Vidata, just passed Plus Two and is preparing for admittance into a medical college. Throughout her years in school, she’s been a Distinction student! The other two sons are in school and doing well.

Sarah is a role model

I was born in a world of silence and brought up by supportive and caring parents. My elder brother, also deaf, works in Boston after completing his Communication Studies in Gallaudet University, USA. My parents sacrificed everything to care for us two Deaf sons.


How do I manage a job interview with Hearing person? How do I become a welcome part of the team at my place of work? How can spirituality help me to lead a more meaningful and happier life? In the answer to all these questions, I remember my culturally Deaf friend ‘Sarah.’

Special thanks to Sarah

After successfully completing High School in the School for the Deaf, I am now doing my Bachelor in Education, 2nd year.

Thanks for encouragement

My Deaf friend Sarah! I remember meeting her first at the Institute of Speech and Hearing. I helped her improve her Sign Language

One of us Deaf

I went to the School for the Deaf in Katmandu, discovered my interest in fine art, participated in inter-school and cross country art contests and won.

Jeewan Poudel

Sarah is another dear Deaf friend! I met her at a spiritual conference.

For me, Sarah is Deaf

After School for the Deaf in Kathmandu am presently doing a Diploma in Computer Science.

Life is Fun

My parents sent me to the School for the Deaf in Katmandu. After that, I decided to work. After initial training,

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Some of my Deaf Friends

Anoj (Kerala, India)
Nikhil (Belgaum, Karnataka, India)
Saravanan (Kerala, India)
Babu (Kerala, India)
Dipti Agarwal (Kolkotta, India)
Rahul Agarwal (Kolkotta, India)
Gowroo Somanna (Bangalore, India)
Yesus (Bangalore, India)
Aviraal Jha (Bihar, India)
Sambit (Orissa, India)
Ganesh Shetty (Bangalore, India)

My Deaf Friends